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February 2003
Teachers, Literacy
The QESN-RÉCIT has put together this page of [...]
Teachers, Resources

Bob's Place is a Quebec-based Web site with thousands of links for pedagogical resources in both English and French, with [...]
SitSat activities

This year's SitSat has developed more than 30 new interactive activities for Adult Education students in various subjects. Find them in the Students section, under Activities. 

Here is a list of what has been done :

Mathematics activities
Cindy Teal
Western Québec School Board
French second language activities
La recherche d'emploi
Helene Leboeuf
Western Quebec School Board
History activities
Railroad Cybertour
Lyndal Neelin
Western Quebec School Board
English activities
Understanding Biography
Leila Nulty-Senf
Western Quebec School Board
Microcomputing activities
The Computer Help Page
Ria Di Marco
English Montreal School Board
Geography activities
Latitude and Longitude
Robert Raes
English Montreal School Board
Physics activities
Pat Rodler 
Lester B. Pearson
School Board
Narendra Parihar
Eastern Shores School Board
History activities
Simone El Mongi
Eastern Shores School Board
Literacy and Presecondary English activities
Vita Lewis
Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board
English activities
Canadiana and Word Formation

Maria Pitsas and Carmela Bonia
English Montreal School Board
January 2003
Teachers, Resources
Do you need information about which digital camera or scanner to buy? How to plan and construct a Web site? Find resources for [...]
Introduce your students to continents, countries, and Canadian provinces by having them play! This site offers an [...]
This page for ESL provides a wealth of links to teaching and [...]
This is an interesting resource for English and French as a [...]
Network Nuggets is a gem of a site which amalgamates learning projects and activities
for [...]

Teachers, Pedagogical material
The National Geographic Society has an excellent virtual museum filled with interactive exhibits. This site offers lesson plans from [...]
History buffs! Here is a brief animated look at significant events that centenarians have [...]
 Teachers, Literacy
The Adult Literacy Resource Institute has a variety of material for the adult learner. Have a look at the [...]
December 2002
Teachers, Resources
Project-based learning with multi-media: classroom examples, technical learning activities, guides on [...]
Would you like to manage your classes on-line? With Nicenet Internet Classroom Assistant you can [...]
Teachers, Literacy
The Miss Rumphius Effect: Envisionments for Literacy and Learning That Transform the Internet. Envisionments take place when [...]
November 2002

Teachers, Resources 
How do you properly cite information taken from the Internet? Visit The Connected Teacher Web site for [...]
Copyright laws! What do teachers and students need to know when [...]
NoodleQuest is one of a set of [...]
Sites for Teachers: a font of teaching resources can be found on this Web site. It is a [...]
Need some new ideas for your class? [...]
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Chemistry lovers! "What's That Stuff?" is a monthly feature that explains the chemistry of [...]

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