Here you will find general information related to the RÉCIT mandate.


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The acronym "RÉCIT" comes from the French name for the network: "seau de personnes-ressources pour le développement des compétences des élèves par l’intégration des technologies."

In other words, RÉCIT stands for "a network of resource people for the development of student competencies through the integration of technologies."The name "RÉCIT" reflects our dual orientations which encompass local and provincial services.

School Board Mandates for the Provincial Services
The Ministère will grant certain school boards* the mandate to continue offering provincial services to specific target groups by updating the provincial mandates in areas where they are already in place: Vocational and Technical Education, Adult Education, Special Education and Preschool Education.

Mandate Objectives
Dialogue and consultation through a provincial committee composed of representatives from each region with a view to building an efficient partnership with regards to ICTs in the subject areas or the targeted student populations, as the case may be; participation of provincial services in provincial discussion and training sessions. 

The mandate assigned to the resource people in the school boards entrusted with this service will be to guide and support the various partners, according to their specific needs. These will include people in charge of the dossiers at the Ministère, the regional teams coordinating the ICT dossier and, by the same token, the educational services of the school boards as well as the school administrators. Finally, in collaboration with the provincial committee and, depending on the case, their local services colleagues, these resource people will be required to form teams of teachers to carry out pilot projects.

* RÉCIT: Renewal of the CEMIS network- Ministerial Orientations, September 2000

Framework of the Provincial Services
The framework of the provincial services are determined by the school boards entrusted with these services. 

The mandates of the provincial services are planned and evaluated annually by a committee made up of the following people: the resource person designated by the school board entrusted with the service, a senior administrator from that school board, the person in charge of the RÉCIT project at the DRD, Ministère representative(s) in charge of the subject areas or targeted student population, and a representative from the school board regional offices. The committee determines whether it is necessary to form other partnerships. 
The senior administrator representing the school board entrusted with the service is responsible for calling the committee meeting, in collaboration with the designated resource person. 
The school board entrusted with the service makes sure that the Ministère receives an annual report on the fulfillment of its mandate. 
(From the document "RÉCIT – Ministerial Orientation", Government of Quebec, July 2000.)

*The Seigneurie des Mille-Iles School Board has been awarded this mandate.